RTI from Rage Frameworks to Transform Capital Markets
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RTI from Rage Frameworks to Transform Capital Markets

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 27, 2015

DEDHAM, MA: Rage Framework, a Big Data and Business Process Automation Technology provider today announced the release of its Real Time Intelligence (RTI) for capital markets industry.

Rage RTI is the first of its kind that combines advanced Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing to monitor and interpret unstructured data collected from over hundreds of sources including news, research, blogs and social media, to extract signals based on contextual relevance.

Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, CEO of Rage Frameworks, says, "RTI delivers the ability to interpret unstructured content with fine-grained contextual relevance, and harness the value of that information like never before. The goal of RTI is to enable active managers to systematically discover Alpha using the power of cognitive intelligence."

RTI implements Artificial Intelligence (AI) to translate unstructured data into business intelligence. The ability to access local and global events through channels such as news reports, research journals, blogs plays an essential roles in developing an effective investment strategy. But the amount of unstructured heterogeneous unstructured data and information makes it impossible for investment managers, asset managers, hedge fund managers, quantitative managers and other financial services professionals and their staff to process such information.

Rage RTI comes to the rescue under such circumstances and provides timely and systematic processing of information. By applying Cognitive Intelligence platform and deep background research in computational linguistic alongside Natural Language Processing (NLP), Rage RTI can automatically interpret information on the internet to determine its relevance to one or more firms.