Top 20 Capital Markets Technology Companies - 2017

The dynamic nature of the capital market industry can be attributed to two major factors: evolving regulations and technological disruptions. In order to acquire more intelligent and streamlined processes performing capital planning and risk management, participants are adopting technological disruptions, such as blockchain or robotic process automation (RPA), that changes the manner in which the market participants buy or sell equity and debt instruments.

In addition to being cost-effective, RPA provides the means for a competitive edge, by using advanced data analytics, which reduces human error and offers higher accuracy and quality. Assigning data analytics and management the crucial role of strategic functioning, businesses are changing their requirements as they move towards a more client-centric approach.

Enabling firms to work on common datasets in real time, with minimal supporting options, blockchain allows market participants a system that is simplified, cost-effective and transparent. Another highly adapted trend that reduces both expenses and infrastructure is the migration to the cloud that helps transform IT-related capital to usage-based operational expense. Cloud computing and hence, digitization of various parts of the value chains increases the risk of exposure in terms of security. Hence, cyber-security is essential for the protection of clients’ data in order to avoid damage to the brand, decline in clients trust and legal suits or investigation.

To extract the full value of technological evolution in the capital market landscape, enterprises often depend on solution providers to fulfill business mission and requirements while providing the right expertise to address the varied and complex needs of the industry. In this scenario, it is imperative that CIO’s and CEO’s invest in the right technology that suits their specific necessities. With that in mind, CIOReview has charted out 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing comprehensive and value-added capital markets technology solutions.

We present to you “20 Most Promising Capital Markets Technology Solution Providers - 2017.”

    Top Capital Markets Technology Companies

  • 1

    Alpha FMC is a global consultancy that provides end-to-end expertise specifically in the asset and wealth management industry

  • 2

    Provides expertise support and solutions for capital markets compliance needs

  • 3

    A leading provider of cloud-based industry-specific, configurable asset management and reporting software

  • 4

    Provider of flexible and customizable financial technology to markets on a global scale

  • 5

    Provider of consultancy services to financial organizations specialized in capital markets

  • 6

    Provides an intuitive platform that provides an easy onramp for financial services firms to deliver greater digital experiences to their customers

  • 7

    Provider of innovative capital markets technology solutions and real-time intelligence capabilities for trading and risk management

  • 8

    Licenses and develops collaborative workflow management tools for the asset management industry

  • 9

    Provides financial and industry data, research, news, and analytics to investment banks and managers

  • 10

    Offers solutions to streamline financial processes with a core focus anchored in aviation, aerospace, and defense, maritime, and financial services

  • 11

    Investment services technology provider offering cost basis reporting and wealth management solutions

  • 12

    Act Forex

    Act Forex

    Leading provider of independent retail trading platforms

  • 13



    Provider of front to back technology solution in the capital market

  • 14

    Edge Verve Systems

    Edge Verve Systems

    Develops innovative software products and offers them on premise or as a cloud hosted business platforms

  • 15

    Finastra Paddington

    Finastra Paddington

    Delivers the broadest portfolio of mission-critical solutions for financial institutions of all sizes, on premises or in the cloud

  • 16

    Flex Trade Systems

    Flex Trade Systems

    Global leader in high performance execution management and order management systems for equities, foreign exchange, options, futures and fixed income

  • 17



    Leading provider of integrated Trading, Risk Management and Collateral solutions

  • 18

    Open Link

    Open Link

    An acclaimed technology innovator and leading vendor of industry standards compliant data access, integration, and management technology

  • 19

    Path Solutions

    Path Solutions

    Develops and implements cloud-ready and on premise software focusing on the Islamic finance sector

  • 20

    TAS Group

    TAS Group

    A market leader for card management, payment networks access and order management