CloudMargin: Collateral Management in the Cloud

Steve Husk, CEO
Owing to the surge in regulatory policies, companies operating in the global financial markets are facing difficulties in completing their trading processes. In this situation, a post-trade process like collateral management is essential to trade successfully. However, the failure of traditional on-premise collateral management systems to cater to the evolving demands of enterprises is an alarming issue for most CIOs in the capital markets arena. Apart from being manual and time-intensive, the legacy collateral management systems are cost-inefficient. With the need for efficient collateral management touching new heights every day, CloudMargin comes to the rescue of capital market CIOs as a go to solution provider. Being the first company to have developed a centralized and automated cloud-based SaaS platform for collateral management, CloudMargin efficiently covers end-to-end workflow, from managing agreements to resolving disputes to improving the trading process as a whole. “We are tackling the issues that arise with the evolution of regulatory policies. CloudMargin provides a cloud-based collateral management solution for firms captured by the ever-growing tide of uncleared margin regulations, helping them significantly reduce time and cost,” says Steve Husk, CEO of CloudMargin.

Well versed in every corner of capital markets, the founders of CloudMargin built the platform by integrating numerous microservices to bridge the siloed systems. Having inbound and outbound APIs for each microservices, CloudMargin constantly updates the functionalities of its platform to address the immediate requirement of clients. With specific microservices for every process in collateral management, CloudMargin helps sell-side and buy-side firms achieve straight-through processing. Besides, the company connects to upstream trade management systems to fuel the margining process and automates margin communication to help clients make better use of data. “Through our platform, we have introduced the concepts of flexibility, liquidity and reliability to the world of collateral management,” mentions Husk, who has extensive knowledge of building software companies that were completely focused on the financial services sector. “We are moving toward pre-trade analytics to make it easier for firms on the sell-side to enhance their services to their buy-side clients.

CloudMargin provides a cloud-based collateral management solution for firms captured by the ever-growing tide of uncleared margin regulations, helping them significantly reduce time and cost

Firms are now able to process collateral faster than ever.”

Considering the reports of a recent survey—conducted by SimCorp—for buy-side firms where almost 90 percent of all participants voted ‘yes’ to reducing the usage of manual processes, it won’t be wrong to say that CloudMargin’s platform is the future of collateral management. By consolidating all the isolated systems that constitute the collateral management ecosystem, CloudMargin’s platform aggregates collateral data and workflows in one place and paves the way for enterprises to make informed business decisions. To illustrate the potential of CloudMargin’s platform better, Husk mentions that a Tier 1 bank leveraged the platform to save costs incurred due to manual processes. When they approached CloudMargin, they were already spending about $30 million annually on manual processes in collateral management. With CloudMargin on their side, the bank is spending about $8 million for collateral management.

With more than 70 buy-side and sell-side firms as its clients today, CloudMargin thrives as a trendsetter in the collateral management expanse. The company is always looking forward to incorporate the newest technology and practices into its platform to improve the user experience. Near term, CloudMargin is improving the report writer feature and enhance the usability of on-boarding tools in its platform. The company envisions itself to be more than a collateral management service provider, building bespoke solutions with a keen eye on the areas of settlement and compression.


New York, NY

Steve Husk, CEO

Provides a cloud-based SaaS platform for collateral management